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Sorry–I Was Sleep Texting

I recently read an article about “sleep texting.” Apparently, this is becoming an issue, especially with teens, who have their phone attached to their body, sucking their communication skills away as fast as the Seahawks sucked away Peyton Manning’s dreams.

This happens at my house, too!

Similar to sleepwalking, people are now reading and responding to texts while asleep.  Some of those afflicted have even resorted to wearing mittens and socks to bed to prevent this from happening.  Wow—that’s a generational difference. We older people have been known to wear socks with lotion in them to bed to keep our feet and hands from cracking–not so we don’t text our friends. In fact, I have no desire to hear from anybody after 8:00pm, much less contact them in my sleep.

One doctor said having your phone where you can hear it buzz while you sleep is similar to how a mother is conditioned to respond to a baby crying in the middle of the night; the slightest sound wakes her up. For those of you who had babies, you remember that sleep-deprived stage when you woke up to every little scratch and squeak your newborn made? Well, teenagers are sleeping as lightly as we did, and it is making them even more pleasant to be with during the day.

But in a world where communication is becoming such an issue, with bullying at the forefront, just imagine the drama that could ensue from sleep texting in high school. (Please note I am aware of how pathetic my attempts are at mimicking the texting shorthand Daughters 1&2 use–I still can’t bring myself to use the word “totes.”)

It’s 2:00am and “Julie” is woken up by the buzz from the phone on her night table:

Samantha:  you up?

Julie:  ya y?

Samantha:  Jack just broke up with me

Julie (dreaming about Grey’s Anatomy, which she’s been watching non-stop since Christmas break):  McSteamy?

Samantha: wut?!? Since when do you like jack…  (red, angry face emoticon)

Julie: he’s hot but he likes Lexi

Samantha:  Lexi?  In Algebra?

Julie:  Lexi loves him.

Samantha: how do u know?

Julie:  they had sex

Samantha: when? how do u know?  I thought she was a virgin!! (seven confused emoticons)

Julie:  but he has a kid and she’s mad

Samantha: ???

Julie:  (back asleep–no response)

Samantha:  WTF I hate it when u do this u r so weird why don’t u answer me?

Julie:  (no response—asleep)

Samantha:  I knew u couldn’t b serious about it u always make a joke about everything  u r supposed to be my best friend  don’t even talk to me at school! (fifteen crying emoticons)

Now, imagine Julie trying to explain that she has no memory of sending those texts to an irate Samantha, just after Samantha has crucified Lexi and Jack at school.  (is there a shaking head with pity emoticon?)

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Great story, Libby. I’m soooooooo glad that I no longer have teens at home. sd


Comment by energywriter

It’s always interesting, I’ll say that!


Comment by libbyhall

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