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Cleaning Up the End Zone

Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow, life guru to…no one, really…is touting the energizing and cleansing effects of something called the “Vaginal Steam.”

Yeah, you read that right.

It seems there is a new spa option that allows women to sit on a throne-like chair, and let steam infused with an herb called mugwort…cleanse the End Zone.Unknown-2

I’m not a medical expert, and the research I did (which consisted of talking to some friends) raised a few questions in my mind.

First of all, according to WebMD, one of the many uses of mugwort is as an energy tonic, which I suppose is why Gwyneth thought it might be “energizing.” Among many other things, Mugwort is also used for “worm infestations” and to “stimulate gastric juices and bile.” For worm infestations and gastric juice production, I refer you to a professional—especially if they’re in your End Zone.

WebMd also says Mugwort “might stimulate the uterus.” Um…to do what? Unless I’m pregnant and days past my kid’s due date, I don’t want my uterus doing much of anything, thank you very much. When you’re in your 40’s the less End Zone upheaval the better.

As far as I know, most people steam their bodies for three reasons: to relieve a sinus infection, to ease sore muscles, or to try and reduce the signs of age, sun and smoke damage.

If your End Zone is having unusual drainage, steaming it at a spa is not going to help. Chances are, you’ve had a few too many touchdowns in your End Zone and you need to see a professional, who hopefully has a quick antibiotic-related fix.

If your End Zone has muscles so sore that they need some time in a sauna, you need to re-think the level of play you’re allowing on the field. And by the way, the End Zone is already kind of its own personal sauna, don’t you think?

If your End Zone has sun or smoke damage…I don’t even know what to tell you. Maybe steam cleaning will be your thing after all.

I have no idea what the signs of End Zone aging might be, other than the grass changing colors, images-1but I’m pretty sure that unless you’re okay with altering your End Zone using Botox, lifts and chemical peels, you might not want to steam down there either. If you really are concerned with the visual appeal, you can always repaint the lines, and get a new team logo.   Unknown-1

So thanks, Gwyneth, for making me aware of something I now can’t ever forget exists.

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Hilarious! You definitely scored with this one. Isn’t mugwort a wizard school? Oh wait, that’s Hogwarts. The funniest thing was the picture of the two chairs, as if two people could actually sit there and have a normal conversation while getting their end zones steamed.


Comment by Brown Road Chronicles

I don’t know–I think you’re underestimating the chatting power of women. I hear men aren’t fans of hanging out over the urinals, but many women I know will chat away across the stall doors…that said, the pink hole underneath is just gross looking. Very Georgia O’Keefe. 🙂


Comment by libbyhall

So funny – and scary. I think the danger is why doctors told us to stop using the old-fashioned end zone cleansers. What an mental image. I don’t think there is enough booze to make me forget it. Agree with the other commenter: chatting while cleansing??? Ick!!


Comment by energywriter

I think it’s scary too…I just cringe thinking about the changing pH levels and how that effects our bodies…yuck.


Comment by libbyhall

Please tell me the groundhog made you post this. Funny and scary! Keep up the good work. sd


Comment by energywriter

Definitely the groundhog! And a couple of drinks last night!


Comment by libbyhall

Is there a word for cringing and laughing simultaneously?


Comment by JP Cane

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