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Venmo – A College Freshman’s (Unintended) First-Year Diary
March 26, 2020, 9:00 am
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As a parent, you know when your kid goes off to college to live in the petri dish they call a dorm, there will be times when they have to “adult,” like making doctor’s appointments or figuring out how to get to Target because because, God forbid, they can’t have a car on campus Freshman year.  What we didn’t realize was that all of these things would be documented in Venmo, the payment app.

You can parent your college kids however you want to, but one of our decisions was to let both of our kids charge Uber and Safety rides to our cards, so that they never felt like they had to get in a car with someone who’d been drinking so they could get home.

They used it.  A LOT.

(And we were glad.)

We also allowed them to ASK for help when they needed it, like for doctor’s appointments and things that normally wouldn’t be in their budgets. But what we didn’t count on, but were happy to pay for (mostly), were the MANY charges from multiple trips to urgent care, Target and CVS for medicines….and many other “necessary” items.

Since her year got cut short, I thought i would share this little financial diary.  For so many reasons I’m sad that her and her sister’s years were cut short…and one reason is because I will miss these entertaining requests:




And then there are the requests for daily living, because adulting is expensive:




Welcome to adulthood, young lady.

And welcome home.  ðŸ™‚



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Love this!


Comment by Bruce Anderson

She must get that cream in her coffee thing from you!


Comment by Marcia Bracy

It’s great that she has you for a cushion.
This is the main reason I went to college in my 40s. My parents couldn’t provide a cushion or even tuition. But, that was actually a benefit. If I had gone to college at the “usual” time I’d have been in the midst of the whole 60’s thing. In my 40s, I paid attention in class and was anal about completing assignments.


Comment by energywriter

Absolutely fabulous! Your girls are both super awesome- like their mom. I tried to respond above the line but nothing happened

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Comment by Debra Templeton

I’m so sorry that life cut my sweet nieces and sweet daughter’s college short! The Venmo post were hilarious and I saw them as I was paying for the 3rd gala dress in a row ! Life is short- glad our kids are enjoying the ride!


Comment by Aunt Sue Ann

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