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Dr. Fauci – The Personal Touch
September 23, 2020, 5:00 pm
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I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been receiving personal voicemails from Dr. Fauci, or at least someone who does a damn good impression of him, offering helpful hints about how to handle the virus. My college-age child also received one of these calls, and frankly, they’re just too good not to share. Of course, the real Dr. Fauci doesn’t have time to make personal calls, but boy do I wish he could…so hit the play buttons and enjoy – you’re not going to hear these on CNN.

I was able to track down Dr. Fauci and arrange for a rare – ok, it’s never happened before – Subourbonmom interview. Ok, calm down. I know this blog is outrageously popular, but it’s not the real Dr. Fauci, and I am clearly no Dan Rather or Barbara Walters. However, I would LOVE to conduct an interview with him for real some day.

No matter how you feel about Dr. Fauci, respect those around you and wear a mask – you don’t know what issues they may be facing or what people they have in their lives that would suffer catastrophic results if they contracted the virus. We flattened the curve – now let’s keep it that way until we have a vaccine available for everyone.

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OMG, This was so enlightening! The interviewer really knew the right probing questions to ask and her timing was spot on. Dr. Fauci held back nothing in his responses. He told it just like it is. One cannot help but be better equipped to handle this pandemic after listening to these interviews. I now feel totally incapsulated in PPE. This has been the best interview I have ever heard. Brilliant!! Bravo!!


Comment by Wayne

I know – it takes journalism to a higher level…that college education is really paying off…


Comment by subourbonmom

Mmm?? I wonder who I could interview. Not sure if my questions would be as “in depth” as your, nor would my interviewee would be as articulate.


Comment by Sharon Dillon

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