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8 Things I Learned at a Business Conference (that have nothing to do with business)


  1. Guys, don’t try and join the few women who actually attended the conference in the one section of comfy chairs we claimed as our own, and then ask whether sending flowers to your angry girlfriend is the correct course of action. Here’s why:

    • We obviously want some girl time in a male-dominated environment;
    • Your creepy designer jeans and big gold chain scream out, “I’m trying to hook up while I’m out of town” and troll in the Holiday Inn Lounge on a Tuesday night; andimages-10
    • You clearly suck as a boyfriend, so why would we be interested anyway? (And by the way, creepy-guy-who-did-that, texting you’re sorry to your “girlfriend” doesn’t cut it either.)
  2. The GYM, Part 1: When you go to the gym, remember that you’ll be seeing half those people again while you’re sitting in a lecture—that awesome pilates move where you throw your legs over your head? They’re going to remember that and look at you funny later.images-6
  3. The GYM, Part 2: Wear yoga or sweat pants—and I mean everyone—I don’t want to see your junk hanging out of your swishy running shorts, Dude-on-the-Treadmill. I have to look at you later, too.images-8
  4. Ask at the desk if there will be a karaoke night while you’re there—then make sure your room is not directly above the caterwauling.
  5. Make sure “just a couple of blocks” means the same thing in the conference city as it does in yours.
  6. Ask the questions you think are too dumb to say out loud—chances are, you’re not the only one who feels that way or wants to know.
  7. You can tell the level of confidence the conference sponsors have in their speakers by how cold they’ve set the room temperatures: cold = snoozeville.images-9
  8. Bring a travel mug—the tiny little dollhouse cups they provide hold exactly three swallows of coffee, and after sitting in a conference room the same temperature as, say, Boston this week, you need something warm with you at all times.
  9. Sometimes that $14 bourbon from the hotel bar (on my personal card and after classes were done, Mr. CFO) is worth it.IMG_3484
  10. It’s not cool to go back to work in the dead of winter with a tan on your face and arms–some people find that irritating.

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